2016 m. birželio 3 d., penktadienis

Bad day

I am very angry :(  The reason is my daughter,which is three years old...
I do not remember how long ago I finished this work,but it was my very first framed work and it's looked like this ...

And today with the help of my daughter it looks this :(

And now I do not know what to do,he is destroyed ... In this work no glass and now I so regret didn't use it ... I needed to use glass ...
I hope this will not happen to you,happy stitching and until next time...
X Inga X

6 komentarai:

  1. Oh dear... :-( I take it she tried to color it in with a felt-tip pen? I would try orvus quilt soap. If you can't find it locally you can get it through amazon.com Gook Luck!!

  2. Oh no! My son drew on my stitching with a black sharpie marker and I used the Orvus soap or "paste" as it says on my jar and it pretty much came out. That piece is so beautiful! I hope you are able to get the marks out!

  3. Atsakymai
    1. It was a simple felt-tip pens.But I deside to do nothing with this work,this will be the memories:)

  4. Thank you all for the beautiful words :)